Generic Minecraft Launcher Library

GMLL is by no means a lightweight library. It is a fully featured modular core that will serve as a solid foundation for your Minecraft endeavours.


Instance handling

Easily handle multiple instances with their own settings, loaded mods, mod-loaders and so much more. Includes the ability to save instance settings to file so you can easily load them up later.

Custom assets

Easily launch Minecraft with a custom icon, music or language file. GMLL will not only take care off copying the right file to the right location. It will write a custom asset index to ensure everything loads as planned without needing to override any existing files. This also means you can easily have multiple instances all with different icons without them conflicting with one another.

Easily wrap, upload and share mod-packs

GMLL includes the ability to easily wrap an instance and turn it into a mod-pack. This includes any saves that would be within the instance. Any custom configuration files and mods are also included as well as is any custom assets you have defined. It can use either fabric or forge as a mod-loader. It is smart enough to replace mod.jar files if they experience corruption, but to leave world files alone if they experience changes.


GMLL includes forgiac. A powerful Java based tool to handle the installation and setup of Minecraft forge for you. It has 2 modes, namely manual and automatic. If you point it to a forge installer jar, it will automatically handle the installation of that jar and add it to the version.json file for gmll. It also provides a gui to allow a user to manually install forge into your launcher. Please note that you still need to obtain the forge installation jar yourself.
(As per the wishes of the forge development team)


GMLL will automatically generate a version manifest for fabric. Allowing you to easily install any fabric version as easily as any vanilla release without needing to download fabric directly. Also huge thank you to the fabric dev team.

Sound fix for legacy versions!

In the mood for a little blast from the past? Well now you can enjoy said adventure with audio to boot. GMLL accounts for how older versions of the game expect to be treated and makes adjustments to accommodate them. As such you can now enjoy the older versions as they where meant to be enjoyed...with sound.

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