MSMC is a lightweight library for authenticating with Microsoft for the sole intention of launching Minecraft.



MSMC can make use of and includes the default Mojang auth token. While you can define a custom token, with msmc that is an option and not a must. Easily get your players online now without worrying about the paperwork.


Tarketing a market that doesn't speak English. While with the json files in our Github repo, you can easily change out the language MSMC displays in. Whether that be French, Afrikaans, German or Turkish. If we don't have a lexipack for you language of choice, then don't worry. It is easy to write your own as well.

Support for multiple frameworks!

Whether it is Electron, NW.js or you're trying to make a terminal based launcher with a standalone version of NodeJS for one reason or another. MSMC has your back! Shipping with support for all three scenarios! Do note that if you use the raw framework that the end user will need at least chrome or the new Microsoft edge on Windows, a chromium based browser installed on mac and a display server on Linux with Firefox or Waterfox.

Xbox Live Integration

While msmc doesn't include a full reimplementation of the Xbox live api. We do include enough to get user profiles as well as the friend-lists of a set user. You can use this to build an interactive launcher that can notify you when your user's friends are online. Custom client creators could even go a step further and potentially use this to setup a one click join system. MSMC's social module can run independently meaning you can even potentially run it seperately on a remote server!

Fine controll over refreshes and Logins

Notice how other launchers can take up to a minute to get everything refreshed? Now with msmc you can space out parts of the authentication process. Allowing your launcher to feel way more responsive by spacing out the calls between logging onto Xbox and getting the Minecraft token needed to launch the game! By default it can even check if tokens even need to be refreshed!
(Assuming the launcher hasn't been closed and reopened)

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